Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The core of the next-generation WSO2 Carbon platform : WSO2 Carbon Kernel 5.0.0

A whole new revamp of the heart of all WSO2 products : WSO2 Carbon Kernel 5.0.0, was released 21 Dec 2015.

Previous versions of the WSO2 Carbon Kernel, (1.x.x to 4.x.x) had a much similar architecture and was tightly coupled with relatively old technologies (axiom, axis2, SOAP, etc.). Which is the same reason, which made us to re-think and re-architecture everything from the ground, and to come up with WSO2 Carbon Kernel 5.0.0.

The new Kernel is armed with the latest technologies and patterns. It will provide the key functionality for server developers on top of the underline OSGi runtime.

Key Features
  • Transport Management Framework
  • Logging Framework with Log4j 2.0 as the Backend
  • Carbon Startup Order Resolver
  • Dropins Support for OSGi Ready Bundles
  • Jar to Bundle Conversion Tool
  • Artifact Deployment Engine
  • Pluggable Runtime Support

You can download the product from [1], and find more information on [2].


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