Sunday, December 13, 2015

WSO2GREG : Categorized view of your assests

Let's assume you have five services, namely, Service1, Service2, Service3, Service4 and Service5. If you just create these service in the WSO2GREG, all those services will be displayed as follows,

Sometime it is needed to group the assets based on some criteria. Let's say, Service1 and Service2 belongs to DepartmentA and Service3, Service4, Service5 belongs to DepartmentB.

If we need to have a categorized view based on the department. Follow the below mentioned steps.

1. Add the following filed to the "soapservice" artifact. You edit it via management console. Extensions->Configure->Artifact Types->soapservice->Edit

<field type="options">
  <name label="Category">Category</name>

2. Download the asset.js file in the following location and copy it to the following location [GREG_HOME]/repository/deployment/server/jaggeryapps/publisher/extensions/assets/soapservice (replace the existing asset.js file)

3. Restart the server

4. You can now see, a new dropdown got appear in front of the search box.

5. Go to each of those service and edit those service to have its corresponding department in the "Category" field.

6. You can now view and search on the selected category.

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